How Fast do you ship?

I keep all my jewelry designs in stock so that I can ship them out on the same business day that they are ordered. If they are ordered late in the day I will ship them out by the next business day. You can choose how fast you want them delivered at check out. 

How long is the chain on your necklaces?

I use 18" long chains on my jewelry designs because it is by far the most popular length. I do have 16" and 20" chains in stock. Please contact me by email if you need a different length. 

Are your necklaces available without the Chain?

I will be adding the option of pendant without the chain as I further develop this site, but for now please email me to request the pendant only option and I will create a special link for you to order the item without the chain. 

How is the Jewelry packaged?

I send all necklaces, earrings ,and tie tacks into jewelry boxes that will show them nicely when presented as a gift. Silver Charms are sent in a  white cotton pouch or a silver pouch. Gold Charms are sent in a Gold Pouch or the nicer ones are sent in a jewelry box. 


I know that sometimes the item you purchase is not what you expected when you saw it online.  I try to show each item from as many angles as I can so that there will be no surprises. I want you to be satisfied and I will accept returns that are shipped back to me within 30 days of the time they were shipped. A refund of the item will be issued when I receive the item back. Shipping charges will not be refunded. Send all returns to: Chris Chaney  1706 S. Gregg St.  Big Spring, TX. 79720 


14kt Gold

I make all of my jewelry with precious metals therefore all the jewelry is considered fine jewelry.  14kt Gold means that the item is made entirely of 14kt solid gold. 14kt gold will hold up with a nice high luster polish and last a lifetime. 14kt gold is often referred to as real jewelry and purchasing 14kt gold jewelry shows your taste in having the best products. 

925 Sterling Silver

I also use 925 Sterling Silver for my jewelry creations. (25 Sterling Silver means the jewelry item is made entirely of 925 Sterling Silver.  This is a precious metal that will last a lifetime and accept a nice high polish. This metal is referred to as being real jewelry as well. This is not a plated metal with a non precious metal interior. 



(Pronounced Ver-May)  Vermeil is a  luxury precious metal jewelry item which has a heavy 14kt gold overlay onto 925 Sterling Silver. The 14kt gold overlay is 2.5 microns thick and will last for many years according to how much it is worn.   Using the 925 Sterling Silver base ensures that the item is made completely of precious metals. Vermeil offers the look of 14kt yellow gold at a much more affordable price.

How long have you been making Agrijewelry?

I have been creating these Farm , Ranch and Wildlife themes since 1994.  My family jewelry store which I have worked at all of my life has been in business since 1958.  We have an outstanding reputation in our community as well as a sterling reputation among the many Farmer and Ranchers who have been purchasing and enjoying my jewelry creations for many years.