Unique Jewelry Creations for Your Special Interests

Agrijewelry is a collection of themed jewelry developed to represent the rich heritage of the rural farm and ranch community across this great country. This began with cotton jewelry and cotton boll necklaces for cotton farmers. Farmers and Ranchers take pride in what they do and want to see real quality in jewelry that can be worn to represent their love of their way of life. All of these original designs by Chris Chaney use either 14kt Gold or 925 Sterling Silver for the metal and high quality diamonds and other precious stones to add color and beauty. The grape jewelry and wine jewelry is very three dimensional, highly detailed, and lifelike. The farm animal jewelry and wildlife jewelry have highly detailed three dimensional earrings, necklaces, charms, rings, and bracelets for women, as well as cuff links, tie tacks, and rings for men. Honey Bee Jewelry for beekeepers, Alpaca Jewelry and Llama Jewelry for farms raising them. Lion Jewelry with Lion bracelets for lion lovers, Leopard or Jaguar Necklace or earrings for wildlife enthusiasts. Find a Cow Necklace or Bull Jewelry if participate in Livestock shows or raise Longhorn cattle. You will find Sheep and Lamb jewelry, Bull, Cow, Steer, and Heifer jewelry, Pig Jewelry and Goat Jewelry on these pages.

How These Unique Jewelry ideas by Chris Chaney Came About 

Growing up as a second generation jeweler who lived in West Texas farm and ranch country is what led custom handmade jewelry designer Chris Chaney to creating the cotton jewelry for all of the cotton farmers across the United States. This led to peanut jewelry designs for peanut farmers and grape jewelry designs for grape and wine lovers. Chris also helped raise livestock on his small family farm and participated in 4-H and FFA. This is what led to the development of the farm animal jewelry designs which includes show lambs and show steers along with cow necklaces and bull jewelry which can be seen in the livestock jewelry collection. As Chris exhibited his original handmade jewelry designs at Farm and Ranch shows across the county he was asked to make custom jewelry of other sectors of agriculture. ( Rice Jewelry, Corn Jewelry, Wheat Jewelry, Almond Jewelry, Sweet Potato Jewelry, Soybean Jewelry, and Wildflower Jewelry) For the Ranchers and Livestock people he has designed Cattle Jewelry of Steers, Cows, bulls, and heifers. Alpaca Jewelry for those raising alpacas, and Llama Jewelry for those raising llamas from Peru. 

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It All Started with the Cotton Jewelry Collection

In 1992 a local farmers wife came into the family jewelry business in Big Spring, Texas to see if she could have a cotton boll necklace made that looked like a real cotton boll. She wanted something that would show the beauty of the white bolls on the cotton plant. This led custom jewelry designer Chris Chaney to create a beautiful piece of Cotton Jewelry with a hand carved snow white quartz cotton boll in a necklace design for her. It was three years in the making but she loved it and still enjoys it today. In seeing the potential appeal for this unique one of a kind jewelry to be appreciated by cotton farmers all across the Southern United States Chris designed  Cotton Boll Rings, Cotton Boll Earrings , and Cotton Charms which make great gift for her. For men there are Cotton Boll Tie Tacks and Cotton Boll Cuff Links for him. The cotton jewelry collection also has Cotton Bale Necklaces and Earrings for her, and Cotton Bale Jewelry for him.

The Cotton Jewelry is also a great gift for couples celebrating their Cotton Anniversary. The traditional second anniversary gift is cotton. Many people like to give a very nice gift to their husband on wife on their 2nd anniversary and they have found the Cotton Earrings and Cotton Necklaces or the Cotton Tie Tacks in this collection to be a wonderful and lasting gift for this special occasion. If your Cotton Anniversary is coming up or you know a couple that have been married for almost two years take a look at thisbeautiful and unique Cotton Jewelry Collection I have in this store.

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Grape growers, winery owners, vintners, and wine makers love the look of these colorful three dimensional grape jewelry necklaces and earrings that use natural gemstones, 14kt gold, and diamonds. The Grape cluster jewelry has a very natural looking arrangement of the Amethyst or freshwater pearls that represent the grapes because they are mounted onto stems just like real grapes are. The cabernet variety grape leaves for the grape necklaces and the grape earring have are highly detailed with flowing shapes. If you are a wine lover you can see the wine glass necklaces and wine glass earrings that are surrounded with natural rubies and high quality diamonds. Wine charms are a favorite and are available here in 14kt gold or sterling silver. There are matching sets of grape cluster earrings and grape cluster necklaces available. Wine Lovers please take a look at the Grape Jewelry and maybe choose a special wine or grape related gift for yourself or a loved one.

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Farm Animal Livestock Jewelry Collection

Ranchers and those involved in the Cattle, Goat, Sheep, or Pig industry will like seeing these livestock jewelry pieces created just for them, This collection features cattle jewelry, goat jewelry, lamb or sheep jewelry, and pig jewelry. The cattle jewelry has three dimensional 14kt gold cow necklaces and cow earrings. They are also available as sterling silver cow charms. There is even a tiny little calf charm and calf earrings in 14kt gold or sterling silver. The bull necklaces are two dimensional with a larger bull standing tall and proud. The gold goat earrings and gold goat necklaces in the goat jewelry are boer goats that are three dimensional and can be purchased in 925 sterling silver that includes silver goat charms,  silver goat necklaces, and silver goat earrings. The pig is a champion show pig with detail on both sides available in gold or silver. I hope to create a diamond pig necklace soon, so keep coming back to see the progress, or follow me on facebook and I will post it when I get a pretty one to see. The show lamb charm and show lamb necklace is a great looking sheep jewelry design that will be loved by anyone showing a lamb in 4-H of FFA.  The show steer is also a very champion looking steer jewelry that will work great as a gift for him or her if she showed a steer. The cattle jewelry also has show heifer charms and show heifer necklaces. One of the favorite and most detailed pieces is the Longhorn Jewelry which has a great looking Texas Longhorn charm made in 14kt gold which also looks great as a Texas Longhorn necklace. There are many lovers of Texas Longhorns and the Longhorns in this collection have a wide set of horns with beautiful thee dimensional detail.

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The Honey Bee Jewelry Collection

The idea to make bee jewelry was from when I was consigned to design and make a special 50th birthday present for a beekeepers wife a couple of years ago and it turned out so pretty.  Beekeeping is farming to supply our honey and keep our trees growing so honey bees are so important. The bee jewelry collection features 14kt yellow gold and 14kt white gold honey bee earrings and bee necklaces. Some are accented with diamonds. The bees are also available as charms for charm bracelets. I will be making a bee bracelet soon which should look great. If you love honey bees or little insect jewelry be sure to check out this line of custom made honey bee jewelry.

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Africa Wildlife Jewelry Collection with Magnificent Lion Jewelry,  Sleek Leopard Jewelry, and  Beautiful Jaguar Jewelry


Many people love these beautiful wild animals from Africa and so do I.  It was so much fun carving the original designs for these lion head necklaces and lion bracelets. I studied many anatomy pictures to create lifelike realistic details into the Leopard Ring you will see in my Leopard jewelry collection. The spots on a leopard are a have a very unique pattern and it was neat to incorporate that leopard print into the jewelry .The Leopard print ring lays down along your index finger or there is another ring where the Leopard wraps around your finger.  I have created beautiful Leopard and Jaguar Head Necklaces with diamond collars. The Jaguar jewelry collection also features some striking large statement jewelry pieces of Jaguar earrings and Jaguar necklaces. I used solid 14kt gold for all of this Lion, ,Leopard, and Jaguar pieces so that you would have real quality to wear and enjoy for a lifetime. Some of the pieces like the Lions of Africa Necklace are made in 18kt. gold with very high quality pave set diamonds. 

 If you are looking for a piece of real statement jewelry be sure to check out the large Leopard print brooch pin with black spots.

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The Alligator Jewelry Collection       

These solid 14kt gold Alligator Necklaces and Alligator Earrings have fantastic lifelike detail. These are the most detailed pieces of jewelry I have ever made. I individually hand carved every scale of the alligator body for these Florida Gators.  Close attention was paid to the shape so that you would have great looking alligator jewelry to wear or give as gifts to someone you know is a alligator lover. There are alligator brooches available and alligator gifts for men which include alligator tie tacks. So be sure to check out the alligator jewelry collection to find that perfect gift for him or her.

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Peanut Jewelry for Peanut Growers or your Little Peanut

Everyone throughout the world loves peanuts and you will find that this  peanut jewelry has peanut charms and peanut necklaces available in any size you want.  I have been making peanut jewelry for over almost 25 years and it has led to carving original peanuts in over a dozen shapes and sizes.  I was recently consigned to create a original solid 925 sterling silver peanut necklace for a woman in Amsterdam because her family symbol is the peanut.  Peanut Farmers who love Southern Jewelry have loved and appreciated all of the peanut jewelry I have been making for them all of these many years.                                                                                   If you are a new mom having a new baby you will be sure to find a little peanut charm or some peanut earrings if you have been calling your baby bump peanut. I have had many people choose a piece of my peanut jewelry as a gift for someone they call peanut. These peanut neckaces and peanut earrings make sweet new mom jewelry or new baby jewelry, So be sure to check out this solid 14kt gold or 925 sterling silver peanut collection if you are looking for a gift for him or her.  

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The Rich Pecan Jewelry Collection   


Pecans Growers in the South have such beautiful pecan trees and orchards which they spend a whole lot of time caring for. To celebrate their rich heritage this pecan jewelry collection makes a great gift to represent the beauty of the pecan. Pecans look so rich when they are made into solid 14kt gold pecan necklaces and pecan charms.  In order to capture all of the lifelike realistic detail for the pecan jewelry I made  a mold of several sizes of pecans. The details show up great in the pecan bracelets which use a native medium size pecan. There are tiny little pecan earrings which were made from a special  very small size native American tribe pecan.  Please take a look at this pecan jewelry collection and you will see not only 14kt gold pecans made into pecan necklaces with bezel set high quality diamond accents which make a great piece of statement jewelry, but you will also see solid 925 sterling silver pecan necklaces and silver pecan earrings which will make a great southern jewelry gift for someone you know who loves pecans or is involved in the pecan industry.

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Llama And Alpaca Jewelry Collection

The Llama and Alpaca Animal from Peru are such beautiful animals. Many people love the furry fleece on the Huacaya Alpaca and they love having them around. There are many Llama and Alpaca farms here in the United States and many have found this to be a lucrative business.  There are Alpaca shows throughout the country where participants show their Alpacas for top awards and prizes.
  The Llama and Alpaca jewelry collection I have created captures in tiny detail the beauty of these unique animals. I have made fully three dimensional Llama charms that can be worn as Llama necklaces, or Llama Earrings. I have also made fully three dimensional Alpaca charms, Alpaca Earrings, and Alpaca Necklaces.
The line features your choice of 14kt solid gold Llama Jewelry or Solid 925 Sterling Silver Llama Jewelry.
The Alpaca jewelry also has your choice of 14kt solid gold Alpaca Jewelry or 925 Sterling Silver Alpaca Jewelry. The alpaca has two different highly popular breeds. One is the Suri Alpaca with a long fleece and big tall ears, the other is the Huacaya Alpaca with short fluffy fleece and more round ears. The jewelry features choices available in Suri Alpaca Jewelry and Huacaya Alpaca Jewelry. There is also mans alpaca and Llama Jewelry such as tie tacks which can be worn by men on their tie or lapel and Money clips.

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Airplane Jewelry Collection

The airplane jewelry collection features 14kt gold airplane necklaces and airplane earrings for women. These are available in white gold and yellow gold.  There are several designs of airplanes flying through the air, which make great gifts for aviators and those who love to fly. There is airplane jewelry for men like tie tacks and lapel pins.
The planes I have mostly made for the collection are related to agriculture. They are crop dusting planes, also known as as agplanes or spray planes.  The one that several crop dusting businesses own is called a air tractor. I have air tractor jewelry available in sterling silver and 14kt gold for charms, earrings, and air tractor necklaces. Another design I have done is called the fire boss. This plane is used for fire fighters and makes a great airplane necklace for them to wear. I do consignment work if you want a specific look to your airplane jewelry, so please contact me if you would like a custom hand made design made.

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Custom Jewelry Designer

I have been custom designing jewelry for customers for almost 40 years. If you are wanting a special piece of unique one of a kind jewelry made that represents your hobbby, sport, interest, or career please contact me so that we can come up with a unigue jewelry design together. I mostly work with 14kt gold and diamonds, but I can use other other gemstones as well. This handmade one of a kind jewelry design I make for you to commerate a special time or event in your life or the life of you loved one will be something that is treasured forever.  My main talent is hand carving three dimensional or two dimensional figures or little animals out of wax. I try to capture as much lifelike detail as possible in every design. I have created cartoon characters jewelry, wild animal jewelry, floral jewelry designs, machinery jewelry designs, airplane jewelry designs, and many more. So if you have a special event or occasion coming up in your life please contact me at and I will give you a quote on getting started.

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Almond Jewelry Collection

Almond Growers in California grow a very great tasting, healthy, and nutritious crop of almonds. Many almond growers have been producing almonds all their lives so that almonds have been their livelihood and heritage for generations. This makes the almond very special to them and having a piece of almond jewelry to represent that; is something they would truly enjoy. I have created almond necklaces and almond earrings that are actual size by making a mold of an actual almond. This way I was able to capture all of the tiny intricate detail that is on the outer skin of the nut with it wrinkles and waves. These almond jewelry designs look great in 14kt gold, and I also have 925 sterling silver almond jewelry available. To brighten up the look of the almond necklaces even more I have almond jewelry that has diamonds bezel set into them which are very high quality brillantly cut diamonds that show up well in the 14kt yellow gold almonds. I have also created a smaller than lifesize almond jewelry design for those who dont like something quite as large. These are available as almond charms, almond necklaces, and almond earrings. If you are looking for men's almond jewelry
I have almond tie tacks, and almond money clips avaiable as gifts for him. Please consider buying your loved one a special piece of my almond jewelry for your next occasion. See all the almond jewelry collection by clicking on more below.

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Rice Jewelry Collection

Rice Farmers in the south and in California grow a pentiful crop of Rice in the United States every year.
My Rice Jewelry collection gives them a chance to have a item of jewelry that will represent the beauty of a rice stalk. I have created Rice grain charms and Rice stalk pins in 14kt gold and in 925 Sterling jewelry.
This fine jewelry line also has a unique Rice logo jewelry piece I make into a Rice Necklace with two rice plants crisscrossing and the word RICE below. This is a 14kt gold or sterling silver Rice jewelry design that makes a great gift for a Rice grower or someone involved in the Rice Industry. For men I have Rice tie tacks and rice lapel pins. MY favorite piece for women is a large 14kt gold Rice brooch that has the complete detail of a rice plant. Please take a look at all my Rice Jewelry designs by clicking on More Info below.

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Corn , Soybean ,and Wheat Jewelry Collections

Corn, wheat, and Soybeans grow abundantly in the United states and they each make a beatutiful crop that farmers enjoy working with. The golden wheat fields are so beautiful and a corn cob is a very artful and pretty crop. Soybean farms probably comprise the most acreage of all farms in the US. These farmers have a lifelong heritage growing their crops and it is nice to find gifts that will represent their farming heritage.
  I have created Corn jewelry of the corn cob in fine detail.  I offer corn necklaces and corn earrings as well as corn cob charms. I spent many hours hand carving each individual kernel of corn on the corn cob with a sharpened needle under a microscope adn carved several rows of corn for the corn necklace. These 14kt gold corn jewelry peices are made in the finest quality and are available in several sizes and designs. The corn jewlery is also available in 925 sterling silver as corn necklaces, earrings, and charms. 
  I have created very detailed wheat jewelry designs of a stalk of wheat and also of a field of wheat.  I studied all the tiny detail of a wheat pleant and tried to capture the beauty and aunthentic look for my wheat jewelry collection. I offer wheat necklaces, wheat earrings, and wheat charms in 14kt gold and in sterling silver. I have wheat jewelry for men as tie tacks and lapel pins.
  The soybean jewelry I have created is of a actual size soybean made into a soybean necklace or a soybean earrings. I have added the furry texture on the outside of a soybean by frosting the finish on the soybean jewelry designs. For men I have soybean tie tacks and soybean lapel pins available.

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Sweet Potato Jewelry Collection

 I have been exhibiting my agriculture jewelry collections at the Memphis Farm and Gin show for almost 25 years and there are farmers who attend that show from all over the south. Over the years I have had several requests from sweet potato farmers to make sweet potato jewelry that will represent what they have been growing for most of their lives. I am happy to announce that I have made a collection of sweet potato jewelry for them to have as gifts for wives, husbands, and sweet spotato industry associates.  I have hand carved a sweet potato design in two sizes, a smaller one for women's sweet potato earrings and sweet potato necklaces that I mostly make in 14kt solid yellow gold. I have also made a larger sweet potato necklace that can be worn by men on a rope chain in 925 sterling silver. Please take a look at all the sweet potato jewelry pieces I offer by clicking on more info below.

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