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Rice Jewelry Pins and Tie Tacs

Free Shipping For Online Orders

Large Rice Stalk Brooch

14kt. gold pin with engraved
detail of the veins on the leaves.

Actual size is 2"tall by 1 3/4" wide

This Item  is in Stock. Ships out on same business day.

Style #R100........$599.00

Triple Head Rice Brooch

14kt. gold with fine detail.

Actual size is 1 1/2 " tall by 1 1/4" wide

Style #R112........$699.00



This Item  is in Stock. Ships out on same business day.


Free Shipping For Online Orders

Small Gold Rice Stalk  Tie Tac

14kt. gold rice tie tac  can
also be a pin.
 Actual size is 7/8" tall



Gold Rice Logo Tie Tac
14kt. gold.
Actual size is 5/8" tall

Style #R105.....$159.00



Three Grain Rice Tie Tac
14kt. Gold.

Actual size is 1" tall

Style R113   $139.00



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toll free at 1-800-848-2781. We manufacture and design all our
merchandise in our factory, so we usually have all items in stock
and ready to ship when you place your order. We will ship out 
all in stock items within 24 hrs. of the next business day. 
All our merchandise comes with a money back satisfaction guarantee.

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